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Bálint Szekeres
Bálint Szekeres

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

by some dude

Born and raised @ Balaton, Hungary.

Started my career as a backend developer at one of the largest marketing agencies in Hungary. I've designed an agency-specific git workflow and architecture with quick deployment, developed and managed over 60 high-concurrency nationwide consumer promotions, built some custom CMS based sites, created multiple IoT based fun devices (toilet occupancy indicator with funny sounds, heat generating monster-coffee-mug feeded with Instagram hashtags, DYI drone with cookie ejector...). After these fun projects, I was ready to lead 7 developers with some successful agile approach.

Currently I'm the Technology Director of feat. agency - Creative & technology driven indie communication agency from Budapest.

I'm the guy who will solve all of your current and future issues. Please do not use the word impossible.

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2. pr0j3c75


⚙️ NGiИX config generator on steroids 💉

Acquired by DigitalOcean


Interactive visualization of the university studies


Ionic based Hungarian bird lexicon app with quiz game and observation function

App Store - Play Store

Nationwide Consumer Promotion: state-of-the-art, Lumen based, high-concurrency handling backend

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3.1 feat. - Budapest, Hungary [2019 - ]

0. Technology Director, Partner
February 2019 -

3.0 HPS Group - Budapest, Hungary [2014 - 2019]

2. Business Unit Director of Development
January 2019 - February 2019
1. Lead Developer
May 2018 - December 2018
0. Backend Developer
August 2014 - April 2018

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4.2 University of Pannonia - Faculty of Information Technology [2009 - 2014] - Veszprém, Hungary

BSc Student of Engineering in Information Technology
  • Basics of natural sciences
  • Economics and social sciences
  • Programming module (C, C++, Java)
  • System engineering module
  • Information systems module
  • Laboratory exercises

4.1 Táncsics Mihály Secondary Grammar School [2005 - 2009] - Kaposvár, Hungary

Advanced math class
  • 97% IT matura
  • Elevated levels of IT matura

4.0 Primary School of Balatonlelle [1997 - 2005] - Balatonlelle, Hungary

  • Several math competitions

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5.0 c0mp371710n5

1st place on VIII. University of Pannonia - 24-hour Programming Competition

The subject of the competition was a client program which had an AI.
The players were hunting each other in a virtual paintball game on multiple unknown maps.

Articles: VEOL, Computerworld

5.1 c3r71f1c4710n5

  • VMware vSphere Certificate [2012]
  • ECDL [2009]
  • Driver license [2009]
  • English language exam - B2 [2008]

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